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Levotape has been developed by our team of pharmacists at Vivomed having previously worked with Kinesio Tape, and K-Active in the recent past.

In 2005 pharmacist director of Vivomed Ronnie Lennon was invited by Yoji Onishi from Kinesio Europe to visit Professor Zbigniew Sliwinski in Zgorzelec in Poland to see at first hand the remarkable work that he was pioneering in the use of Kinesio Tape in the clinical setting.

Inspired by the visit he became involved in organising courses in the UK and Ireland and the first Kinesio Taping course was held in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.

In 2006 a decision by Kinesio in Japan to change manufacturer of Kinesio Tape resulted in the formation of K-Active in Germany.  K-Active then became the brand name for the original Kinesiology Tape manufactured by Japanese company Nitto Denko.

Vivomed worked with K-Active for a number of years organising numerous Kinesiology Taping courses in the UK and Ireland until in 2010 it was decided that it was becoming increasingly apparent that practitioners were looking for a more clinical course in KT.

Working with experienced physiotherapist Mike Jones Vivomed developed the definitive 1 day Clinic Kinesiology Taping course. The course was designed to give physios, osteopaths, doctors and other medical practitioners a practical course that equips the student with the skills and confidence to commence the KT method in their practice the day after they finish the course.

The course was developed using the European style of teaching where students are encouraged to use and develop their own knowledge in tandem with the Kinesiology Taping techniques. The importance of including Kinesiology Taping as complimentary to other therapies is stressed, and the sense that the method is a therapy rather than a style of taping is central to the teaching.

In essence what was created was a hands on course where students are encouraged to rediscover a lightness of touch, which contrasts with the mechanical nature of modern physiotherapy.

Courses have been hosted at Wembley, Twickenham, Spurs and many hospitals and practices throughout the UK and Ireland and have been well received by all.

In parallel with the development of the Clinical Kinesiology Taping course Vivomed embarked on the research and development of Levotape Kinesiology Tape.

Recognising the diverse nature of disciplines within which Kinesiology Taping was being practiced it was decided that the development of Levotape should recognise the importance of an optimal adhesive level, and an increased elasticity when compared to existing brands.

Vivomed embarked on a year long period of testing of Levotape before settling on a level of adhesive which will satisfy both the sports physio and the clinician working in private practice.

Levotape Kinesiology Tape was also designed to have a higher degree of elasticity than the 1st generation of tapes; the scientific precept arguing that this will result in increased recoil of the tape on the skin, and therefore greater efficacy.

This research has resulted in Levotape; the Kinesiology tape with optimal adhesiveness and perfect elasticity
"Primal Pictures award winning anatomy images have been integrated spectacularly into the Levotape Kinesiology Taping videos.
The detailed graphics were taken directly from their library of accurate anatomy images. If you would like to know more about Primal Pictures 3D anatomy software please visit their website. www.primalpictures.com"
Pain Relief: Some thoughts about Kinesiology Tape from a patient suffering from chronic pain.
Kinesio taping is not the new Messiah!
I find we are a manual therapy profession, but so often courses are based around discussion and powerpoint...
The course, its format, flexiblity and presentation was excellent, providing a practicle base which was great for all!
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