Taping kinesio methods to normalise muscle function, improve lymphatic and blood flow

Levo Kinesio tape improve lymphatic and blood flow and normalise muscle function

Levotape Kinesiology Taping
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Kinesiology Taping Method

Properties of Kinesiology Tape

Levotape Kinesiology tape has been designed to have a thickness similar to the epidermis of the skin.  The original Kinesio tape and K-Active Kinesiology Tape were designed to have a maximum stretch of 130-140%, similar to that of skin.  Levotape has been designed with 150% stretch to facilitate a greater degree of skin recoil and lift.
  • The high-quality 100% cotton material is covered with a layer of acrylic glue
  • The glue is applied as a sine wave which permits the skin to breathe
  • Optimal concentration of glue has been used for good skin adhesion while minimizing skin irritation which can occur in tapes with higher levels of adhesive.
  • The tape is applied to the backing paper with approx. 25% stretch
  • The tape can work for more than 4 or 5 days;
4 Major Functions and Effects of Kinesiology Taping

  • To normalise muscle function
  • To improve lymphatic and blood flow
  • To reduce and manage pain
  • To correct the misalignment of joints and tissues

How does The Kinesiology Taping method work?

  • By stretching a muscle, applying the tape to the stretched muscle and returning the muscle to a neutral position, the tape forms wrinkles or convolutions in the skin.  This wrinkling effect appears to be an essential element in ensuring the efficacy of the Kinesiology Taping Technique on muscles.
  • When a muscle is inflamed, swollen, or stiff, the space between the skin and muscle is compressed, which restricts the flow of lymphatic fluid.  This compression applies pressure to the pain receptors beneath the skin, which in turn relays signals of discomfort to the brain resulting in the sensation of pain.
  • By lifting the skin, the space between the skin and muscles increases, thus the lymphatic fluid between the skin and muscles moves more effectively
  • Free movement of lymphatic fluid reduces friction between the underlying tissues and the increased space between the skin and muscle may result in reduced pressure on pain receptors;
  • Pain relief is often instant;
  • The improved micro-circulation created by the convolutions may also facilitate the removal of by-products of metabolism and may aid the healing process

Commonality with other methods:

  • A painful movement is identified;
  • A test is performed (usually with the hand) moving the tissues to identify a direction that reduces the symptoms and then the movement is performed again.
  • In the case of Mulligan it is with a sustained mobilisation
  • In the case of myo-fascial therapy it is with a sustained mobilisation
  • In the case of taping it is with the tape in situ

Maybe the commonality is that touch and pressure help neuro-modulate the sensation of pain and allows the individual to move more freely.

We have a long way to go to find if it is these or other mechanisms, are responsible for explaining the pain reduction and relief of acute and chronic imbalances.

We don’t entirely know at this time why The Kinesiology Taping techniques are so effective, but therapists continue to find the results with Kinesiology Tape to be significant.

"Primal Pictures award winning anatomy images have been integrated spectacularly into the Levotape Kinesiology Taping videos.
The detailed graphics were taken directly from their library of accurate anatomy images. If you would like to know more about Primal Pictures 3D anatomy software please visit their website. www.primalpictures.com"
Pain Relief: Some thoughts about Kinesiology Tape from a patient suffering from chronic pain.
Kinesio taping is not the new Messiah!
I find we are a manual therapy profession, but so often courses are based around discussion and powerpoint...
The course, its format, flexiblity and presentation was excellent, providing a practicle base which was great for all!
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