Kinesio Taping Team members at Vivomed for Kinesiology taping, courses and videos

Kinesiology Taping Team members at Vivomed for Kinesio taping, courses and videos

Levotape Kinesiology Taping
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Levotape is the Kinesiology Tape which had been clinically designed by the scientific team at Vivomed.

Our team of medically qualified professionals are constantly working on new product and course developments in the field of physiotherapy
If you are looking for advice and help, its friendly team members are always willing to assist, so pick the phone or drop us an email.

Ronnie Lennon Vivomed Ronnie Lennon, Director of Vivomed

Pharmacist Ronnie Lennon has been involved in the development of Kinesiology Taping for more than 5 years.

He has been overseeing the research programme for the development of the third generation Kinesiology Tape Levotape, and has been instrumental in the design of the increased recoil due to the greater elasticity of Levotape when compared to earlier Kinesiology Tapes.

His background in pharmacy has been crucial in researching the optimal levels of acrylic adhesive used in Levotape to balance adhesiveness while minimising skin irritation.

His experience with the top instructors of Kinesiology Taping in Europe, combined with a knowledge of the practice of physiotherapy in the UK and Ireland has also resulted in the development of the definitive KT course, Clinical Kinesiology Taping.
Mike Jones Vivomed Mike Jones, Bsc Hons, Senior Kinesiology Taping Instructor

An admitted sceptic when attending Zbigniew Sliweinski’s Kinesio Taping Course and Kinesiology techniques in January 2007, experienced physiotherapist Mike Jones has become arguably the UK’s foremost expert in the Kinesiology Taping Method in the clinical setting.

He has been fundamental to the development of the Levotape Clinical Kinesiology Taping courses and in the filming of the Levotape Instructional Taping Videos. Mike’s skills as a teacher have made him hugely popular within the physiotherapy community, and he has become a much sought after tutor in the field of Kinesiology Taping Courses.

He has delivered acclaimed Kinesiology Taping courses, at Wembley, Twickenham, Spurs and Cardiff, and continues to teach all over the UK and Ireland.

For a full curriculum vitae on Mike click here.
Barbara Lennon, Msc, Head of Educational Development

As head of Vivomed’s Educational Department Barbara has been Production Manager on the current series of Kinesiology Taping videos featuring Levotape.

Her level of attention to detail has ensured a cohesive coalescence of science, cinematography and presentation which has resulted in a series of superb instructional videos.

Her work has also included the design and production of the Clinical Kinesiology Taping hand book which has been widely praised for clarity and ease of use.

Barbara remains the conductor of Vivomed’s creative orchestra, holding together and guiding the disparate talents of the creative group.
Marissa Carr Vivomed Marisa Carr, Kinesiology Training Course Administrator

Marisa is the friendly voice over the phone helping customers to schedule. organise and book Levotape Kinesiology Taping Courses around the UK and Ireland.

Marissa ensures your individual bookings are taken care of from intial contact to when you become a valuable customer looking to attend advanced courses or specialised Kinesiology Taping Courses run by Vivomed.

For any updates or questions about Kinesiology Courses contact Marissa.
Leon Coole, Director of Cinematography

Director of Cinematography on the Levotape Kinesiology Taping video project, Leon has considerable experience in the UK film industry.

He has previously acted as a script writer in a TV drama and as an assistant director on a number of film projects.

His creative strengths have come to the fore in this project, not only as director, editor and script writer, but with his ability to merge film and graphics to stunning effect.

The Levotape website is testimony to his skill and innovation.
"Primal Pictures award winning anatomy images have been integrated spectacularly into the Levotape Kinesiology Taping videos.
The detailed graphics were taken directly from their library of accurate anatomy images. If you would like to know more about Primal Pictures 3D anatomy software please visit their website."
Pain Relief: Some thoughts about Kinesiology Tape from a patient suffering from chronic pain.
Kinesio taping is not the new Messiah!
I find we are a manual therapy profession, but so often courses are based around discussion and powerpoint...
The course, its format, flexiblity and presentation was excellent, providing a practicle base which was great for all!
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