Kinesio Client Testimonials about Kinesiology Tapes and Courses

Kinesiology Tape Client Testimonials about Kinesiology Tape and Kinesio Courses

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Patient's view
I wonder if you had thought about the wider uses for Levotape

I have suffered from muscular tension for three years (relating to an assault/psychological trauma) and am under the care of the Pain Management Team at my local hospital. Having been pumped full of a a variety of drugs, I am now taking gabapentin, pregabalin, nortriptyline and fluoxetine. I am also under the care of a clinical psychologist and receive regular steroid injections (usually six at a time, at my most problematic trigger points). I have also tried acupuncture and deep tissue massage, but these provide only temporary relief and are also very expensive.

My stepdad read an article about physio tape in the Daily Mail and passed the information on to me - he knows I will try anything for some respite to this chronic pain. So I did some research, bought a roll of your tape, got my husband to watch the videos, and three weeks on I am a different person. It really is astonishing - my husband says that he can now hold a normal conversation with me for the first time in three years, where before I was so consumed by pain that I couldn't sleep and I couldn't think straight. One of my worst trigger points on my shoulder has improved so much that my husband can now touch it without me hitting the ceiling. Its incredible!

We are still experimenting to try and improve my neck pain, and I still get problems down my arm, but I am sure we will get there with practice.

I do trully believe that this tape could benefit others with chronic muscular tension and wondered if you had thought about branching out, or perhaps doing a trial in a pain management unit. You could potentially help thousands of people manage their pain a little better, and get back some quality of life that would otherwise elude them.

Lucy -
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"Primal Pictures award winning anatomy images have been integrated spectacularly into the Levotape Kinesiology Taping videos.
The detailed graphics were taken directly from their library of accurate anatomy images. If you would like to know more about Primal Pictures 3D anatomy software please visit their website."
Pain Relief: Some thoughts about Kinesiology Tape from a patient suffering from chronic pain.
Kinesio taping is not the new Messiah!
I find we are a manual therapy profession, but so often courses are based around discussion and powerpoint...
The course, its format, flexiblity and presentation was excellent, providing a practicle base which was great for all!
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