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Nicki Harmon Training Course Testimonial
I recently attended one of your Kinesiology Training Courses. It was refreshing to go on a course that was SO hands-on.

I find we are a manual therapy profession, but so often courses are based around discussion and powerpoint. Frequently you find that you take back very little hands on learning to the clinic to facilitate your skills.

I felt enthused by the stunning results that were demonstrated in a group of 'normals', let alone how it has developed my clinical practice. The course was extremely well-delivered with a very charming and also extremely entertaining tutor

Thank you and well done, I would reccommend this course highly!

Nicki Harmon - Physiotherapist - L'Aumone and St Sampsons Medical Practice in Guernsey
Tracy Lewis, The FA Group, Club England Division Testimonial
The course provided good background theory on the subject enabling a sound base on which to build the practical element of the course. The presentation was flexible depending on the groups needs/experience which was great for us

The format of the day was excellent. Mike was happy to show us a couple of techniques, which we were then able to practise, with Mike observing and correcting techniques and answering any questions before we reconvened for further theory and demonstration. Our group was fairly small (14), so allowed plenty of time for practice and discussion

We were shown the various techniques, but if we had anything specific to our sport, in this case football, that we wanted to discuss or have a demonstration, Mike provided the time for this and was willing to demonstrate other techniques

Mike is an excellent tutor with a great teaching manner. He is willing to provide flexibility and alter the flow of the course/presentations depending on the groups experience/needs

I am happy for you to forward my comments to other people interested in hosting a course



Tracy Lewis - Head of Physiotherapy (Women's) - The FA Group, Club England Division
"Primal Pictures award winning anatomy images have been integrated spectacularly into the Levotape Kinesiology Taping videos.
The detailed graphics were taken directly from their library of accurate anatomy images. If you would like to know more about Primal Pictures 3D anatomy software please visit their website."
Pain Relief: Some thoughts about Kinesiology Tape from a patient suffering from chronic pain.
Kinesio taping is not the new Messiah!
I find we are a manual therapy profession, but so often courses are based around discussion and powerpoint...
The course, its format, flexiblity and presentation was excellent, providing a practicle base which was great for all!
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